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"I have my own site, why would I need yours?"

  1. Exposure

    We want to help your track, drivers and sponsors get the most exposure possible. If you decide to advertise with us, everyone wins. Drivers, sponsors, and the track in hopes of maybe getting more karts / cars to the tracks and getting drivers recognized.

  2. Mobile Friendly

    We have made sure that our site looks just as good on your computer screen as it does on your mobile device so you can show all of your sponsors and fans our content from any device you have handy.

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    Probably the most important reason you should partner with Dirt 2 Daytona is, IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!!

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  4. We cover go-kart and car tracks


    We will be covering go-kart tracks as well as car tracks all over North Carolina & Virginia to start with!.

  5. Site constantly updated

    Dirt 2 Daytona will be updated daily as we get in new information from different tracks around the state. The more content coming in, the more you’ll be coming back!